LEHABS Working Group

John Fulton (WG CHAIR), Assoc. Professor, FABE

Glen Arnold, Assoc. Professor, Sate Field Specialist, Manure Nutrient Management Systems

Nick Basta, Professor of Soil and Environmental Chemistry, SENR

Ramiro Berardo, Asst. Professor in Environmental and Natural Resources Policy, SENR

Justin Chaffin, Senior Researcher, Research Coordinator, OSU Stone Lab

Steve Culman, Asst. Professor and State Specialist in Soil Fertility, SENR

Elizabeth Dayton, Research Scientist, SENR

Kristen Fussell, Asst. Director of Administration and Research, OH Sea Grant College Program

Jeff Hattey, Professor, SENR

Margaret Kalcic, Asst. Professor, FABE

Greg Labarge, Assoc. Professor, Field Specialist, Agronomic Systems, Co-Coordinator, Agronomic Crops Team

Jiyoung Lee, Assoc. Professor, College of Public Health, CFAES-Food Science & Technology

Laura Lindsey, Asst. Professor, Horticulture & Crop Science

Doug Jackson-Smith, Professor & Asst. Director, SENR

Jay Martin, Professor, FABE

Brian Roe, Assoc. Chair, Van Buren Professor, AEDE

Brent Sohngen, Professor, AEDE

Robyn Wilson, Assoc. Professor of Risk Analysis and Decision Scienc, SENR

Chris Winslow, Director OH Sea Grant & OSU Stone Lab