WQTF Documents

Quick History: In Fall 2017, Dean Cathann Kress formed an eight-person Water Quality Task Force charged with developing an initiative for the College of Food, Agriculture, and Environmental Sciences (CFAES) to advance our work related to water quality in Ohio. In spring and summer 2018 the Task Force led a participatory process that engaged CFAES faculty and staff as well as diverse external stakeholders to gather their input for use in drafting an initiative.

This input was synthesized and used to develop a consensus proposal from the Task Force to the Dean. The proposal describes a set of potential activities and investments that can increase the amount, relevance, and impact of water quality research, teaching, and outreach/extension activities in the college. This initiative will guide strategic investments and will help shape future activities on water quality in our College and State.

You can view the WQTF final report here: 

WQI Final Report

The detailed reports from our consultations with faculty and stakeholders can be seen by clicking the links below:

Faculty Open Forum Final Report

Faculty Survey Report

Stakeholder Focus Group Report